What a Weekend

Hello everyone!​​

I know I just emailed on Thursday, but there are some things that happened since then that I will update on!

On Saturday we were driving around the Cleveland MetroParks trying to find some people to talk to. We were getting pretty discouraged because nobody wanted to talk. We were about to leave to our next appointment when we noticed a guy sitting on a picnic bench reading a book. We knew that the Holy Ghost had prompted the both of us to go and talk to him… so we did! And it just flowed so naturally. He was happy to meet us. Turns out he’s 19 years old and he was more than happy to learn more about the message of the Restoration.

To be honest, it was tough to follow that prompting because we knew we would be somewhat late to our next appointment and we were already on our way there. But at the end of the day, no matter how hard it seems to follow a prompting, you just do it.

An unfortunate update on something that occurred late Saturday night/early Sunday, was my companion had a mishap with his diabetes. His blood sugar got way too low and had to go to the hospital. He’s doing fine now but they want to keep him there for another night so I’m working with another Elder today and tomorrow. Thankfully, he’ll be okay.

Well, here we go with another week! There are many waiting to hear the message of the Restored Gospel and not all of them live in Ohio. Many of them live close to you. So share your testimonies and invite others to come unto Christ.

With Love,

Elder Gallegos

ps Here’s a few of us missionaries with Elder Jensen at the hospital earlier today.

Also a pic of some cool clouds, and of course a little baby deer. They’re everywhere.



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