Baptism, Driving, RG3 at Church!

Hello everyone!

This week was crazy busy for us. We spent 2 days in the Toledo Stake on exchanges, we had a baptism on Saturday, and the Brown’s newest quarterback, Brother RG3, came to Sacrament meeting with Brother Orchard.

I never expected to see Robert Griffin III at church. Last time I checked he was still playing for the Redskins. Just goes to show how good of a member missionary Brother Orchard is. Hopefully we can start teaching him! LeBron might not be ready for baptism just yet but there’s a good chance RG3 may be.

Anyway, our baptism on Saturday was Jadon. He’s 10 and his little bro is 8. There mom was just baptized a few years ago. Those two kids have strong testimonies and a knowledge of the Gospel that took me years to get. It was a great experience.

Things are going well here! Heavenly Father continues to bless us.

I hope you all have a good week.


Elder Gallegos


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