Hangin’ with a Grey Wolf

Hello everyone!

This week was very rewarding and interesting. We got quite a bit of snow and it has been pretty cold. And as you can tell by the subject line, I got to meet a Grey Wolf. Her name is Tara and her owners are members of the Youngstown ward. She is a pure bred wolf and I have no idea how I worked myself up with enough courage to allow her near me. I attached some pictures.

The rewarding part of the week was being able to see 3 people at church who haven’t been in a long, long time. We do spend a lot of time working with less-active members in this ward just because there are so many. And a lot of them are priesthood holders and we need more priesthood holders! So it was awesome to sit on a bench with those guys and see them dressed up and ready to start making steps back.

We met with our investigator John again and he has started to dive into the Book of Mormon. So we will continue to work with him and watch the conversion process begin.

Heavenly Father is blessing us. His hand is visible and I know that this is His work.

Have a good week everyone,

Elder Gallegos


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