7 March, 2016 18:39

Hello everyone,

Another week in the books! Lots of driving and lots of teaching. We have been helping our recent convert, Will, with his new calling as a ward missionary and family history consultant. It was made plain to me as he was finding all of his ancestors that the people we find and introduce to the Church aren’t the only ones who will be blessed.

We were at a Walgreen’s last week when I noticed one of the workers had his bible out. He was probably in his early 20s. He asked who we were and we told him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and had him read Moroni’s promise. He looked up at us and said "so the Holy Ghost will tell me if this book is true if I pray and ask?" You could just see the desire in his eyes!! It was awesome. He prayed for us right there behind the cashier counter and bought us a drink. He lives just outside of our area so we gave his contact info to the Elders who cover that area and they have an appointment with him on Wednesday. I hope Yuri will commit because he would be an excellent missionary.

I hope that you all will share the Gospel with as many people as you can!!

Have a good week,

Elder Gallegos

ps. I’m really trying to take more pics. Here’s a humongous house we saw in the middle of the country while driving. And here’s my old comp Elder Hoffman and I.


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