The Lord Knows Best!

Hello everyone,

We have been keeping real busy over the last week! We are teaching lots of lessons and searching for those who are being prepared by the Lord. We are experiencing miracles as the Lord puts us where we need to be at the perfect time. We experience heartache as those who feel the Spirit and know that we are teaching truth aren’t willing to act on our message. I am learning patience as I trust in the Lord’s timing and not my own watch.

We were driving last Monday night when I saw a woman with two kids walking. We weren’t in the safest neighborhood but I was impressed to turn around and go and talk to her. Elder Hulet didn’t see anyone so he thought I was crazy! But I turned the truck around because I know that thought wasn’t my own thought. Luckily, there was a lighted up high school parking lot where many cars were already parked. So we parked there and the woman and her two kids came walking.

I can only imagine how scared she probably was as two men stepped out of a car and started approaching her. But when the Lord tells you to do something, you do it no matter what! We talked to her and she listened. We quickly told her why we were talking to her and we testified of the Savior. She agreed to have us over so we scheduled an appointment and said a prayer with her and her two little kids. My heart was about to explode as those little kids in their puffy coats folded their arms and bowed their heads.

We went back to teach her next day and she is now a new investigator.

I’m glad I chose to obey that prompting to turn around or we wouldn’t have been able to meet this family. Always heed to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Even when it means you have to leave your comfort zone.

Have a good week everyone!!

Elder Gallegos


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