2016 is Upon us

Hello everyone!!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years. It was a great week for us! It’s starting to get cold. We got some snow this morning. We are continuing to work with members in finding new investigators. I had a pretty sweet experience on Saturday that I would like to share.

We were invited to be witnesses at an 8 year old’s baptism on Saturday morning. His name is Luke. There was mostly just family there. It wasn’t a very big crowd at all. Before the baptism, Luke’s mom gave a very spiritual talk to him. I looked over at him and I could just see his eyes feeling with tears as his mom bore her testimony. It then occurred to me that this 8 year old kid can feel the Spirit of the Lord touch his heart. He knew exactly what he was doing that day. He knew he was making a sacred covenant with Heavenly Father and that he would soon receive the divine gift of the Holy Ghost.

The world is only getting worse and that means that the Lord will be sending down even stronger people that will keep their covenants and be a light to the world. Luke is one of those people. I hope that we can all be a light to the ever darkening world around us.

I love you all! Have a good week 🙂

Elder Gallegos


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