9 Months

Hello Everyone!

This week marks 9 months since I’ve been a missionary. I love my mission more and more every day. This past week was a very good week! The weather has been super nice. The leaves are starting to change colors. We picked up a new investigator who is very prepared! Our investigators, Jasmine and Larissa are both still on date for the 26th for baptism. Things are going great! Heavenly Father’s hand is in the work, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

So our new investigator, Dave. Dave kinda just fell into our hands. We got home on Friday night and the other Elders in our apartment told us that we have an appointment on Saturday night at 8. Dave just called them out of the blue and turns out that he is in our area. So we go and meet with him on Saturday night. He has a friend who lives in Wisconsin who is a member of the Church and she told him that he needed to check it out. He has had his fair share of struggles in life and she knew that the Church could help him.

Dave called some missionaries in Salt Lake who were having lessons over the phone and then he decided he wanted to meet missionaries so that’s when he called. We gave him a tour of the church on Saturday night and committed him to baptism – he accepted and then came to Stake Conference on Sunday. We are meeting with him tonight again.

There are people like Dave whom the Lord has prepared for every single member of the Church!! We are all instruments in the Lord’s hands. I know that as we live our lives in harmony with the Gospel, that we will be led to those people. We are literally gathering the House of Israel.

I hope you all can take time to pray and recognize those people in your life whom you know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can enrich and bless their lives tremendously.

Until next week,

Elder Gallegos

Ps here’s a pic of good ole Ohio from a couple days ago


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