8 Months Old

Hello everyone!

Crazy to think today marks my 8th month of being a missionary. Needless to say, I love being a missionary! Getting to help people every single day, whether it be spiritual or physical, is the BEST. I thought it was starting to cool off here in Toledo last week. Just because we were staying in the 70s for the most part. Well I was wrong! This week we are in the 90s with 100% humidity. People tell us that we’re crazy for going around in a shirt and tie in this kind of weather but I tell them I’m getting used to it!

We had two investigators at church yesterday. Jasmine and Larissa. They are both doing great. We have baptismal dates for them both next month. So please keep them in your prayers.

We experience many miracles every single week but there’s one I want to share with all of you from a few days ago. We were at the end of our day and we were exhausted! But we still had 20 minutes left in which we couldn’t do much but we could do what the Lord wanted us to do. So we decided to park the truck and go for a walk. Before beginning our walk, we said a prayer that the Lord would place someone in our path that we could talk to. Well, about 5 seconds after saying "amen" someone pulled into the parking lot. We went up and talked to her and turns out she has family in Arizona who are members of the Church. She was very happy to see us! We talked for little bit, gave her a card, and continued walking.

Not much came out of the initial contact but how amazing it was to see Heavenly Father’s answer to our prayers. He hears all of our prayers. We must be willing to walk after each "amen." By doing so, we show Him our real intent of acting on the answers that we receive.

Have a good week everyone 🙂

Elder Gallegos


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