It’s Already August

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have to brief today. Tomorrow is transfers. I will be sending my companion home and then I’ll be getting a new one. This transfer was the best transfer of my mission so far. I have seen and will continue to see the fruits of our hard work during the past 6 weeks.

Our investigators are doing so great. Jim and Kathy are coming right along. Jim is pretty much ready to be baptized. We just need to teach the rest of the lessons. Kathy needs to quit smoking. People in Ohio smoke like chimneys. But I know with faith in the Lord that she will be able to quit. She already told us that she really wants to quit. They both have come to church the last 3 weeks in a row so things are looking good.

Jasmine, the girl we took to Kirtland is doing great too. We have a baptismal date for her at the end of next month that we are working towards. And then we have about 4 other investigators that are progressing slowly but they’re coming along. The hardest part is just getting them to come to church.

I hope you all have a good week šŸ™‚ I attached a picture of the Toledo District.


Elder Gallegos


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