In with the New Mission President

Hello everyone!

Happy late 4th of July. Everything is great here in Toledo. Last week we got to meet our new mission president and his wife. They are amazing people! I’m definitely going to miss President and sister Vellinga though. I attached a picture of me with the Vellingas.

This past week was full of teaching and serving. We mowed lots of lawns and cut up lots of trees. It’s been pretty warm and humid of course.

Our investigator, Larissa, is doing great. We just need to get her to church! We are also teaching a few others. The hardest part is getting them to keep the commitments that we extend. For example, coming to church!! But I know as we are persistent, patient, and faithful, we have done our job.

I was sad to hear that our beloved apostle, Boyd K. Packer passed away. There are obviously some important events taking place in the Spirit World with him and L. Tom Perry. Boyd K. Packer is one of the best teachers this Church has ever had. I encourage all of you to read his talks and study the wisdom and teachings in all of them.

I hope you all have a good week.


Elder Gallegos


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