Spiritual times in Findlay

Hello everyone!

One more week left in this transfer! Probably my last week here in Findlay. 6 months have flew by. It has been raining cats and dogs here and it feels like a humid rain forest! All is well here. I have a few experiences I’d like to share from the past week.

First, our mission president and his wife are leaving next week so they had their mission tour last week. They toured around the mission to speak one last time to all the missionaries. Two weeks ago was Mormon night at the Cleveland Indians game and President Vellinga got to throw the first pitch! And he said he threw a strike. As he was telling us about this experience he also told us that the night before the game, he had the opportunity of giving a priesthood blessing to the baby of one of the Indian’s players. This player’s wife was a member of the Church and she asked if President Vellinga would give their baby who has leukemia a blessing. He shared with us how throwing a first pitch at a professional baseball game is nothing compared to giving a priesthood blessing and sharing the gospel with someone. I totally agree.

The Caldwell family here in the Findlay ward faced a very, very tough trial 3 weeks ago. They are a young family with 2 young boys ages 5 and 4 and then a little baby who is about 8 months old. They were camping when the accident happened. It happened around the camp fire when the father and the little 5 year old Ko were burned very badly. Ko was burned on his face, hands, and feet and the father was burned up and down his arms. Ko was in very bad shape. The ward immediately began fasting and praying for the family, as did us missionaries. 3 weeks later, they are home and healing at a very rapid pace! It has been a miracle.

We had the opportunity of giving a priesthood blessing to the father and son last week and taking the sacrament to their home yesterday. The spirit was so strong inside their home. You could feel the presence of ministering angels as we visited with young Ko and the Caldwell family. An experience I will never forget! The power of the priesthood is REAL. Ministering angels are REAL. God is so very aware of us in our trials. When we fully turn our hearts to Him, He can bring peace to our hearts.

Love you all and have a great week 🙂

Elder Gallegos


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