June 1

How is everyone doing?!

It has rained, rained, rained, and rained some more out here. I got some pretty cool pics of a huge storm that rolled through Findlay last week but I forgot my camera! So I’ll send those out to everyone soon.

Yesterday during church, us 4 Elders got to sing "Called to Serve." Hopefully I didn’t offend anybody with my horrible non-existent singing voice. Haha it was pretty cool though. We then got to teach all of the adults about member missionary work which was a neat experience. We got asked by the youth leaders to teach that same lesson to all of the youth next week so hopefully more of our members will start to share the Gospel with their friends and families so we can have more people to teach!

I heard down the grape vine that the Cleveland Cavs are going to the Finals! Believe it or not, that helps us as missionaries a lot! We have the opportunity to drum up a conversation with everyone. All we have to do is ask them about the Cavs and then they get all excited. And then we have the chance to tell them that we are on missions which can lead into a Gospel conversation.

There is a an awesome documentary about the Book of Mormon that came out recently. I invite you all to watch it and share it:


Have a good week!

Elder Gallegos


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