1 Transfer Down, 16 to Go!

Hello everyone,

I’m emailing a day late because tomorrow is our transfer day. Every 6 weeks when we have transfers, we will have our P-Day on a Tuesday instead of Monday.

It was SO COLD during the last few days. Negative 8 degrees. And that was without windchill. We were told to not go outside during that cold front which restricted us on Sunday and yesterday. So, so cold.

We had a Zone Conference in Perrysburg on Thursday. There were two zones there, about 30 missionaries. We talked about repentance along with a few other things. It’s important to know that repentance isn’t a bad thing!! It’s good! We should be repenting and bettering ourselves every single day. Jesus didn’t suffer for our sins for us to just sit around. After that, we talked about Social Media. We are getting iPads "soon" whatever that means! That will be nice.

Our investigators are doing great. We have this 11 year old we’re teaching. Her name is Alexus. She’s very smart and mature for her age. There will be a baptism in the near future for her. She has some really good questions and it’s amazing to see how special young children are to our Heavenly Father. She’s so in tune with the spirit all of the time. I know the Lord has a very special errand for her in her life.

Our other investigators, Phil and Becky Potter are coming along. We taught them the Word of Wisdom last night and it went very well! The quote of the week actually comes from Phil: "The mysteries of God are only truths yet to be discovered" He’s a very spiritual guy. I love the people I’ve got to know here.

This morning we played basketball with some Elders from other districts. Elder Aland is from Murray and he’s 7 foot tall. He plays bball at Snow College. He’s huge! I attached a pic of all of us.

I hope everyone is doing great. I love and miss you all of you! Please keep the emails/letters/packages coming:

Elder Gallegos
2001 A Sterling Ct.
Findlay, OH 45840

Have a good week!


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