Miracles Do Happen

Hello everyone,

Can’t believe it’s Monday already! I hope everyone is doing well. We got a lot of snow over the last couple days so that has been fun. We are continuing to teach and find new people who want to know more about the Church. I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time in my life and prayed about it. IT IS TRUE. There is so much power in the Book of Mormon. It is the keystone of our religion. It is what sustains Joseph Smith as a prophet. It contains the fullness of the Gospel and God’s word. Read it. Pray about it. Receive your own personal witness and confirmation that it is true.

Now for the miracle of the week:

The other Elders in our district met a girl by the name of Kelsey. They gave us her address since she is in our area so we went to her house Wednesday. It was a long, long walk. (we couldn’t ride our bikes because of the snow) Anyways, we get to her house and knock the door, and her fiance, Chris was home but she wasn’t. He wasn’t really fond of us coming inside to share a message so we said our goodbyes and left. As we were walking around the corner, Kelsey was pulling up in her car. So we went back and greeted her as she was getting out of her car and she was happy to see us. The timing was PERFECT.

Everything that my companion and I did that day was in PERFECT timing leading up to Kelsey pulling up to her house.

She welcomed us in and we talked. She’s 26 yrs old and her fiance is a little older. They both are pretty active Methodists but are open to other religions. They are very interested in the Book of Mormon so that is what we talked about. We taught her what the Book contains and where it comes from. They were both very interested. The spirit was SO STRONG. We are going back this week.

The Lord is preparing people to receive the restored Gospel. We just have to pray to find those people!

I love you all! Please keep the letters and emails coming. Here are a few pics of the snow and stuff. Until next week,


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