Week 6!

Time is flying here in Findlay, Ohio. I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. This week was great. We got a lot of snow through the course of the week. It’s still freezing cold! And then you throw in the wind and it’s the coldest I’ve ever been. I hope all is well with everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. You are all in my prayers every day of the week.

So this week I got to meet some cool people. We are teaching this guy named Tim. Tim is about 50 years old. He has been shot, stabbed, in prison for 2 years for beating people up and is now helping people in prison and basically teaching Sunday school to people in prison. He has a loving heart and loves everything to do with Jesus Christ. He has been a member of a Christian Church for 15 years and he is very happy there. He loves the missionaries and he buys pizza for us every time we go over. We ask him about baptism but he says he’s just fine where he’s at. Hopefully as he comes closer to Christ he will have a desire to be baptized! It’s just so cool to see how the Lord is preparing people. That seed of faith has been planted in Tim’s heart and it will continue to grow.

Another person I got to meet was Barb. We went to Barb’s house for dinner on Thursday night. And she really wants us to come watch the Super Bowl this Sunday but bless her heart we had to say no because we can’t be watching the Super Bowl as missionaries! Anyway, she’s been meeting with the missionaries for years but has never wanted to be baptized. Barb’s sister, Pam, is a member of the Church and Pam’s husband is Jewish. He’s from Holland. We talked to him quite a bit and that was pretty neat! We had planned on sharing a simple message with Barb after dinner but the Spirit had something else in mind. Barb’s daughter was also at the table as we began to teach and I felt that we should teach the Restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. So I started teaching that. Her daughter is about 21 years old, married. She started to get way into what I was teaching. The Spirit was sooo strong. Words were just coming to my mind like reading a book as I taught her. I gave her a Book of Mormon and we’re going to teach them again this week. But my focus is on Barb’s daughter. She definitely felt the Spirit!

It’s so amazing feeling God’s love for everyone I come in contact with.

Remember to pray always! Ask God for specific blessings as you pray. Most of the time all we have to do is ask! Knowing that you will receive an answer without ANY doubt. The Lord will answer.

Last but not least. GO TO HEAVEN! My mission president says "If you don’t love your mission, you won’t love heaven." Good thing I love my mission!

I love you all! Please keep the emails and letters coming.

Until next week,


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