Week 4 – Negative 10 Degrees!

Happy Monday everyone!

Where do I even start! Here is my address for mail and packages:

Elder Joe Gallegos
2001 Sterling Court
Apt. A
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Wow it has been an awesome week. Very Cold. I got my companion and my area. My companion is Elder Bradshaw. He’s a farm-boy from Idaho. He’s great! I am in Findlay (pronounced Fin-lee) It’s about 3 and a half hours from Cleveland so it was a fun drive.

So on Tuesday we arrived at the mission home in Westlake, Ohio. It’s one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever been in. I should have taken pics!

Wednesday was one most spiritual days of my life. We went to Kirtland in the morning where we met the Patriarch of the Kirtland Stake, Karl Anderson. He’s also the Church specialist on Kirtland. Anyway, we were in the Kirtland temple first. The first temple of the last dispensation. We sat in the upper room of this temple where JESUS CHRIST appeared 7 TIMES!! This room. About the size of my living room at home. That’s not all that happened in this room. Heavenly Father also appeared with Jesus 3 times. Also in this room, 100 people conversed with 40 angels for 30 MINUTES. But that’s not it! We sat in this room and read D&C 137 (You should also read this). It was in this room where Joseph Smith saw the CELESTIAL KINGDOM. We then sat in the chapel where Jesus Christ, Moses, and Elijah appeared to restore the Sealing Keys and the keys of missionary work.

So needless to say, it was amazing. After that, we went to the School of Prophets and prayed quietly. The Spirit felt in that room is something I will never forget. There is no person on this Earth who could create that feeling. The Church is true and Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father live.

Well other than that, we taught about 11 lessons last week to less active/recent convert and investigators. My comp has been sick so we haven’t done too much but this week we will get more contacts. It’s crazy cold here but I love it!

Scripture to read: 2 Nephi 28:30
The Lord teaches us little by little. As we continue to show Him our faith and desire to learn, He will teach us more.

Love and Miss you All

Ps I promise to start taking more pics!


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